Facebook Mockup (3 of 3)

Okay! I’ve been working my way through the final project part of the viking code school prep’s design course and I’m finally wrapping it up with this post! These mockups were all made in Balsamiq by me and are representations of facebook pages as labeled.

This is part 3 of this final project, part 1 and part 2.

This post is an assignment for Viking Code School’s Web design class. I am spending quite a lot of time on this course because web design is challenging and scary for me and they’ve done a great job demystifying the subject. I’d recommend checking it out if you’re interested in web design.

It’s also part one of the final assignment in the web design prep course, which involves tearing down the the facebook application from a UX and Design perspective, then doing a mockup using Balsamiq.

The Facebook Home Page


The Facebook News Feed Page


The Facebook Profile Page


The Facebook About Page


The Facebook Photos Page


3 Replies to “Facebook Mockup (3 of 3)”

  1. Hey Charley, I’m going through the Viking Code School Prep and am wondering how it all turned out for you. Did you go through the full course and what was the result?

      1. Thanks for the reply, Charley. I saw the students listed on their site but it’s always nice to get opinions from people who aren’t necessarily recognized by the school as success stories.

        Glad to hear you found a way to get where you wanted to go!


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